Caterpillars Soy Candles are made from biodegradable, FDA certified kosher soybean wax!

We consider every order to be a ♥special-order♥  - Our candles are poured just for you when you order them!

Soy candles have quickly become the new standard! Candle burners everywhere are becoming more familiar with paraffin candle alternatives and are looking for them as an option when shopping.
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Wholesale Soy Candles

Thank you for visiting our wholesale soy candle page. We create exclusive Private labeled candles - an ingenious branding strategy. Set your company apart from the competition with Caterpillars Creations Pure Soy Candles. Low-minimums & quick turn around times makes us stand out from the rest - and you will too!

Private label candles make great wedding gifts, baby shower grab bag gifts, graduation gifts, the list goes on! Many Top Salon's, Spa's, Health Center's and Realtors routinely re-order our soy candles. The sense of smell is the strongest link to human emotions, it is a wise move to utilize this in your marketing strategy. Help your customers remember you by giving them a fragrance associated specifically with you!

All the information you need to sell our soy candles wholesale is listed below.
Caterpillars Soy Candles offers our quality,  handcrafted Premium Custom Soy Candles at GREAT wholesale prices. You will find our wholesale soy candle prices to be at far less than what you would expect to pay and are probably now paying for your current scented soy candle, with much lower minimum wholesale purchase requirements!
What are the terms? Place an order of at least $250 each time you order, and provide us with a valid resale ID#.
Detailed Wholesale Terms and Conditions are here)

It's easy to become a wholesale member. 
 ♥ Simply create an account in our online store. (my account)
 ♥ Check the box that says "I'm interested in ordering wholesale". 
We'll then contact you for your resale information, and upgrade your account to wholesale.  Once this is complete, you can then login and purchase our products wholesale!
 ♥ Of course, you can always call our friendly customer service and we'll be happy to help you!
   (Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm EST 1-865.548.2875)


Why Choose to Wholesale Caterpillars Soy Candles?

A Superior Quality of Wax -Caterpillars Candle Factory

In the beginning we tried soy waxes purchased pre blended from wax companies and never were satisfied. We wanted to eliminate some of the properties that were inherent in soy wax, but difficult to work with and unattractive as well. After much testing we have created our own proprietary blend of organic soy and vegetable wax that creates candles with silky smooth tops and even tones throughout!  It also holds an amazing amount of fragrance! This has resulted in our candles being among the best on the market.

Highest Quality Top Shelf Fragrance Oils -

Unique and strong, our premium undiluted fragrance oils are made specifically for the candle making industry. Our complex, extreme concentration fragrances have incredible depth and are masterfully layered with top, middle, and bottom notes.

We also have the creativity and experience to help you select the right candle line for your needs.

Caterpillars Wholesale Soy Candles