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Caterpillars Soy Candles Fragrance Descriptions

Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Fragrances with this symbol are exclusive to Caterpillars - You won't find them anywhere else

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Scent Description
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Alethea's Dream Romantic notes of soft floral jasmine intertwine with sultry vanilla. Best Seller!
Angel Baby Powder
Soft powdery floral scent - with a strong scent throw! Smells just like a new baby!
August Sunset A clean smell of the ocean with hints of jasmine, rose & undertones of musk.
Basil Sage Mint Triple treat perfect blend of Basil Sage & Mint
Black Raspberry A luscious blend of raspberries, strawberries, coconut, lemon, peach and vanilla
Cabernet A sweet, fruity, floral blend where the top is clean and fresh with notes of peach, apple and leafy greens. The heart blends jasmine, fresh mountain air, ferns, lavender, rose and lily. The base is cashmere and sandalwood. To me, upon first whiff, this smells a lot like cabernet, it get's a lot more muskier and yet fruity while burning. It's very complex and a definite must have in your candle collection.
Carlotta's Choice An amazing blend of cherries and almonds - Almonds and cherries share a lot of the same aromachemicals, if you like amaretto, then definitely give this one a try.
Chocolate Brownie Fresh baked brownies, with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce - satisfy your sweet tooth with zero calories :)
Cinnamon Apples Decadent baked apples with warm spicy cinnamon.
Citronella Sweet, woodsy, grassy citronella
Citrus and Sage Combine sicilian lemon, ruby red grapefruit, traditional sage and basil leaves and you've got the base of this fantastic fragrance.
Citrus Fantasy Tantalizing Lemon, sweet orange, a hint of Eucalyptus with undertones of cedar wood.
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent
Cinnamon Glazed Baklava!
This smells so much like cinnamon glazed baklava! Definite top notes of cinnamon and then you can really pick up the baked phyllo dough, top it off with some vanilla icing, and you've got a fantastic, realistic fragrance. If you like cinnamon rolls type scents you'll love this one!
Clean Cotton Imagine freshly washed sheets that have been hanging out on the line during a warm summer day.
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Cleopatra's Champa Traditional East Indian Nag Champa incense scent without the smoke! An exotic bouquet  of amber, musk, ylang-ylang, violet & clove. Super STRONG & very much like the incense.
Cloves Super spicy cloves touched with a kiss of sandalwood
Coconut Freshly cracked coconut

Cool Citrus Basil
Cool and seductive notes of basil and fresh citrus
Creme Brulee A buttery, creamy bouquet with a rich vanilla background - just like the dessert.
Cucumber Melon Unforgettable fresh combination of crisp cucumber & sweet green melon.
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Gardenia True, Hawaiian Gardenia.  My mothers favorite fragrance.
Fireside A spicy hot blend of cinnamon and cloves
Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Tromping out into the snow, picking out your favorite tree, touching the branches, chop, chop, chop, oh the smell of a freshly cut fir tree!
Fresh Squeezed Orange The tangy aroma of a freshly peeled and juiced orange.
Caterpillars Exclusive ScentGardenia True, soft hawaiian gardenia.
Gingerbread You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man...Chomp! Yummy fresh baked gingerbread cookies.
Grapefruit Very strong and citrusy freshly cut grapefruit.
Harvest A spicy blend of cinnamon, clove bud, a slight hint of orange on a dry bed of musk - the christmas tree hints are missing out of this scent - its more of a fall/harvest type fragrance.
Holiday Splendor A very spicy accord, with notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, a ever so slight hint of mint with a base of pine and christmas tree.  This screams "holidays are here!"
Home for the holidays Freshly cut tree with cinnamon and cloves
Island Breeze Fresh ripe strawberries, coconut milk, pineapple juice, grapefruit and slight apple tones mingle in this tropical drink type scent.
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Jasmine Soft, romantic Jasmine blossoms wafting in the breeze.
Lavender True, authentic medicinal lavender scent.
Lavender & Vanilla Lavender & vanilla - like the fabric softener :)
Lavender Peppermint A pleasant combination of peppermint and lavender which are simultaneously soothing and uplifting.
Lemon Eucalyptus A cool medicinal combination of Eucalyptus and lemon peel, with soft undertones of rose, lilac and lavender.
Lemongrass The wonderful, fresh, tart smell of cut lemongrass
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Montage An exotic fruity floral type with sweet berry and citrus top notes, a soft white floral middle note and a musky woody base note. It is also divine! It's in the same field as the original Clairol® herbal essence fragrance.
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Mulled Cider After hours of seeping fresh juicy apples with cinnamon, anise and clove this heart warming fragrance comes to life! A year round best seller!
Ocean Mist Sicilian orange peel and blossoms, star jasmine, white cedar and a dry down of musk - fresh and clean smelling.
Patchouli The groovy aroma of pressed patchouli leaves.
Peppermint Potent minty fragrance traditionally used to soothe aches and pains.
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Potion For Passion A romantic & exotic blend of Red Pomegranate, Black Currant, & Patchouli. This scent is very strong and very seductive!.
Pumpkin Pie Spice Rich pumpkin pie with extra spice. Bring the holidays home year-round with this delightful fragrance.
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Really Rhubarb Fresh from the oven rhubarb crisp sweetened with honey and topped with brown sugar crumbles - delicious!
Sweet Pea Soft & musky feminine floral with a slightly fruity smell. Top notes of delicate sweet pea, a slight middle dried fruit note with a trailer of hyacinth & leafy greens.
Caterpillars Exclusive Scent Tuscan Garden How to describe this one... Imagine yourself in a lovely tuscan garden sitting below a pear tree with juicy pears on it, surrounded by beds of blooming cucumbers and tomato plants. It's kind of like that. :)
A very herbaceous and fresh smelling scent with a slight hint of fresh fruit.
 Vanilla A rich, full-bodied creamy vanilla.
Vanilla Sugar A delicious blend of brown sugar, sweet vanilla, toasted pecans, with mid tones of sandalwood and cinnamon and a base of amber and musk.
White Linen A nice clean floral blend reminiscent of clean laundry
White Tea & Gardenia Tahitian Gardenia sweet lilly, and citrus peel combine with tea leaves, green notes and an ever so slight hint of musk.
Soy Candle Scent Descriptions