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A note from the owner:

I love hearing from our customers, and how much they enjoy our candles. Something I have learned over the years is that everybody's sense of smell is different, which is a factor in liking or disliking certain scents (fragrances) of candles.

One person may find a fragrance super strong whereas another person may not be able to smell it at all. If you find you don't like a candle scent that someone else claims is strong, that could be why. You have to find what YOU can smell and go with that.

Our candles have been tested (or are regularly used) by the customers listed below.

more customer comments

Just wanted to say thanks and let you know how impressed I am with your service - the candles arrived in plenty of time and they smell great. I have already recommended your website to a friend who's daughter is getting married in June! Thanks - your customer service is OUTSTANDING!
Patti H.

Hello, Just a quick note to tell you I received my order today and that I LOVE YOUR CANDLES! I ordered some to see what they were like and maybe to sell in my Salon, I lit one today while doing a perm.....WOW! it helped mask that smell of perm better than anything else I have used in the past 25 years of doing hair! You have a customer for life here and I hope to get some of my customers hooked too!
Sharon Miller Owner/Stylist
A Wild Hair Salon, Inc. Westfield, Indiana

Dear Caterpillars Customers:
I now you. You were me. Looking for what seemed to be a simple thing - a scented candle that ACTUALLY smells up the room when you light it. You've bought the cheap ones in the grocery store that sent out the weak scent of, well, grocery store. And some candles smell like spray room deodorizer which smells like what one would use in the toilet which then make you think of poop which is not at all what you were going for in the living room. So then you hit the expensive pretty versions - perhaps even in candle stores with cute waxy names. They are not candles, my friend. They are sculptures. Some fancy ones come with cute packaging and crispy dried flowers. This is when you lose your patience. I DO NOT WANT CRISPY DRIED FLOWERS. I WANT A CANDLE THAT PUMPS A GOOD SCENT ALL OVER A ROOM WHEN I LIGHT IT. This is it.  You will walk into the room and that room will smell like the candle. The most universally loved scent is probably Gingered Tea. I also enjoy Jasmine & vanilla. The little roly poly glass it comes in makes a cute vase after the candle is done. Plus, they make perfect last minute hostess gifts, as the box is very nice and expensive-looking. So, it isn't the cheapest candle in the world. They're still cheaper than buying a bunch of cheap candles that stink...weakly stink.

-Jaimee in Indiana

I received a caterpillar candle years ago as a gift. There are hundreds of candles and scents on the market, but I keep buying more market spice tea as it makes my older, pet-filled house smell just lovely. A delicious scent, definitely a quality product. Thank you!

Claudine in Redmond, WA

Love your candles!! They are AWESOME!!

Karen in Crescent City, Ca
Ordered a few candles by chance while searching online for candle retailers. LOVE them! I was shocked when my boyfriend lit one upstairs in his home office and I could smell it downstairs while in the kitchen cooking! Amazing. Not to mention the fact that I could actually buy an assortment without draining my bank account.
I sent your link to family & friends. Now I need to figure out how to tell my friend who sells partylite that I am moving on...

Thanks again!


Hello Folks, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy burning your candles.  I always purchase the travel tins as they are the best burning tins I've found.  Thanks for making such a great product. - Sandy B.

Hi - the candles arrived today safe and sound.  Thank you so much - they're wonderful!! - M.Elias

I just wanted to let you know how very much I love your candles. I found your web site a while back and LOVE your eucalyptus spearmint soy candles. This is the only scent I have tried. I recently had surgery on 11/27/07 and ordered my favorite candles to be sure I had them when I was recuperating. They arrived today and are burning now. My house smells so good and the scent relaxes me. I find your site easy to navigate as well. So...that's it...just a thank you for your yummy candles. They will make my recovery a relaxing one. :)

Have a great holiday!
Hi There,

The candles arrived yesterday, but I did not get to pick them up until late this afternoon.

Thank you so much for these samples.

I have Washington Woodlands burning now and enjoying it so much.

I am glad that you labeled the little tea lights so I will know which ones to order in the future.

Thank you again. D.C. - olympia

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The chocolate candles arrived today and are exactly what I wanted.  The aroma is exquisite!
They arrived safe and in one piece. 
I am thrilled. Thanks ever so much and good luck in your business.  Keep up the good work.

Faith H.

I'm happy to say that I got my candle in the mail today. It smells
wonderful and I love the color (Jasmine & Vanilla/ Peacock Blue) I am very happy with my purchase. - Autumn R.

Okay, I'm hooked! This was the first time I purchased your soy candles and they are wonderful. The scent really does move throughout the house whereas other candles I've purchased don't seem to. I have seen absolutely no soot. Thank you and I will be ordering again soon!
-Susie P.

I just received my candle order yesterday. I have been home today to enjoy burning them. WOW what a difference. The scent is strong enough to smell and light enough to enjoy. One is in my kitchen burning and one is in my craft room burning. I lit the tea light at 10am and it is still burning at 2:50 pm. (lots of burn time left it looks like) You will definitely be getting more orders from me both for home use and to include in my papercrafting projects. Thanks for a wonderful new way to burn fragrance.
E. Burslie MN

Just wanted to let you know that I love your candles. They burn more efficiently than any other candle I've purchased. All the way to the edge, evenly all the way down and they look great as they burn down also! Thanks.
 - Terri (Colorado)

I ordered a combination of candles in the tins a few months back and WOW! I love them! They have lasted longer than some pillar candles that I have had in the past and they make my whole house smell wonderful!
I really appreciated that you took the time to send me an email! That is awesome that you are able to acknowledge your customers like that!
I hope everything is going well especially with the new baby!
I have no doubt in my mind that I will be ordering again from you in the near future!
 - Laurel (Hoover, AL)

I received my order yesterday for the "heavenly Chocolate" tea lights. I have one little tea light burning, and my WHOLE APARTMENT smells like chocolate ! Not only that.....but that tiny little tea light has been burning for HOURS ! I've NEVER found such great candles in my life, ...and believe me, ...I'm a "candle freak". You are the ONLY place I'll ever buy from again. Any other candle is just a waste of money. They smell good if you hold them to your nose. But once they're burning, there's NO SMELL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your candles. Thank you so much
~Camille K. Erie, PA

Hi Kachina,

I just wanted to let you know you have a new loyal customer. I received the candles yesterday and they are beautiful. I burnt the Green Tea candle for about 4 hours, and it hardly went down at all. Also, I was running in and out of the apartment doing laundry, recycling, and every time I came back in I couldn't believe how fragrant one tiny candle was in my large apartment.

I also loved how the packing slip was covered in dye and wax (I'm a painter and everything I own is covered in paint). Thank you for the little complimentary candle. I loved the Honeydew scent.

Thank you Jessica! I look forward to ordering more candles in the future!


Jenni E, Seattle, WA

Dear Waxmaster,
Thank you so very much for the candles. I was excited the day my package arrived and when I opened it, wonderful scents began to fill the room... even before I lit the candles.

My husband and I opened each tin and with every new variety our response was the same: "Ooo! Ahh! Wow, that smells GREAT!" I immediately lit the blueberry muffin tin and - just as you said - it smelled exactly like blueberry muffins. It didn't have that strange smell that most artificially-scented candles have. It really smelled like I was baking! The same with the banana nut bread and heavenly chocolate candles.

And when I blew the candle out... it still smelled like blueberry muffins. No "sulfur" smell... not even really any smoky smell. The candle sat on my counter overnight and, even without being lit, it acted as a room freshener. When I came downstairs the next morning, the room still had a hint of blueberry muffin in the air.

These are truly better than any other candles I've bought. Even those expensive ones that come from the specialty store. My hat's off to you and your wonderful creations!

All the best,
Karen T (South Carolina)


Chasing green recommends our eco-friendly candles.. "Aerosol spray air fresheners are particularly bad because they produce tiny droplets that are easily inhaled and absorbed into the body. In addition, their propellants are usually butane and propane, which are flammable and toxic to the nerves at high levels. Aerosol air fresheners have also been linked to documented cases of headaches, ear infections, even diarrhea. Another worry is that small children might be tempted to taste air fresheners that smell like fruit or candy. Candles are generally made from paraffin, which is a non-renewable petroleum product that causes pollution in its production. The indoor air pollution caused by lit candles can also trigger allergies and asthma: you breathe what you burn...Instead of traditional paraffin candles, look for soy or beeswax candles scented with essential oils. Visit CaterpillarsCandles.com to choose your perfect scent" ... read full article here

Our candles were Featured in all the dressing rooms at the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Grammies and at the Emmies Hollywood Loves Our Soy Candles!~ Hollywood Loves our Candles

2009 - Green With Pride official Sponsor - West Hollywood, CA

The Marrakesh House requested our candles for their grand opening gala and for everyday use - Owner Chris Paine is a filmmaker and environmentalist living in Los Angeles. In 2006, his documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival before being released later in the year by Sony Pictures. He also says "As the world begins to discover that gasoline isn't the only option, it feels fantastic to demonstrate that you can power both your car (and most of your house!) from solar electricity made at home."

– Chris Paine,


Over 1,600 guests will have this utopian shopping experience including actor Alan Cumming, Ben DiChiara of Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel", Playmate Lindsey Vuolo, and actress Tracie Thomas ("Cold Case" / "Devil Wears Prada").

The event features over 60 emerging designers including recent Gen Art alumni such as Staerk, Bensoni, Grace Sun, Hyden Yoo and Lady Grey.

Gen Art is the leading arts and entertainment organization dedicated to showcasing emerging talent.

2005: The gift bags containing our candles were featured in US Weekly and were presented to John Corbett ("Sex & The City"), Agnes Bruckner ("Murder by Numbers"), Kelli Garner ("The Aviator"),Will Arnett ("Arrested Development"),Molly Shannon ("Saturday Night Live"),Aaron Eckhart, Brittany Murphy, Nick Nolte, William Hurt, & Jessica Lange, just to name a few.

Ever since the premier, our roly poly candles have become a best-seller!

Proud Sponsor of Green with Music at the Grammy's2008 - We were invited to participate in an "all-green" event hosted in conjunction with the Grammy Awards - GreenWithMusic.  Our soy candles were given to event attendee's including Maroon5 and Avril Lavigne.  All proceeds benefitted Brad Pitt's charity, Make it Right 9, which re-builds homes in the 9th ward of New Orleans! We were also told that Jim Carey and Madonna both went home with their own Caterpillars Candle . ~See Pics~


 battleground earth adA new green with music event we proudly sponsored!

Battleground Earth
'Battleground, Earth' pits rap star Ludacris against rocker Tommy Lee. These two unlikely spokesmen for saving the planet are committed to the green movement and will demonstrate in no uncertain terms that you can be really cool and still be green

We were asked to provide candles for the set of the final interview between TL & L - and of course, we donated gifts for the gift bag drop as well. 'Battleground Earth' is a sexy, fun, star-studded and music-filled 10 episode series featuring two diverse musical artists and a coterie of their famous friends and fans all coming together to lend their names, characters and credibility to raising a clenched fist in defense of Mother Earth!


Media Contact: Kachina Rothschild-Anderson 509.847.5152



Spokesman Review Article - 2003: