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  • Gardenia Scented Soy Candles

    Gardenia Scented Soy Candles
    SKU: GardeniaScent
    Sultry even in the shade where it thrives, the provocative scent of Gardenias in bloom entices all near to admire its glossy green bushes with spectacular creamy white flowers. Originally known as Cape Jasmine, Gardenias were re-named for Alexander Garden, a Scottish physician and amateur botanist who lived in Charles Town (now Charleston) in the mid 1700's, when the new plants were first introduced to Europe and America. In the language of flowers it has several meanings, I love you in secret, you are grace, joy and artistry, and good luck, all of which seem fitting. The scent fragrance of the delectable Gardenia flower has inspired our true-to-nature Gardenia fragrance and brings to all who smell it an invitation to pause for a moment of uncomplicated intoxication. True, Hawaiian Gardenia. One of our best-selling fragrances. *On Special*

    Available in our 12oz & 8oz Glass Spa Jars, Soy Votives, Tealights, Melts and 5oz Travel Tin. Choose your favorite Gardenia soy candle style from the drop down menu below: More details...
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